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(Video NSFW: lots of thighs and butt haha)

Okay guys, this is my first try-on haul!  In it, you can see:

I also mentioned:

ask for a spoon busk/ and longer length at the sides like this
spoon busk

i cant find a pic of a corset with a spoonbusk in it on my tumblr but i hope you get the idea. I also have used a very flexible busk in my plus size corset sample (my nat.waist being 38-40) and I bent it a wee bit after bending over all night while i was wearing it (that sounds rude:P) but i was able to flex it back into shape. I dont remember having the same problem when sitting down but the sides of my corset are around 5.5inches from waist down

Participants with mental illness, addictions thrive after being given apartments: five-year national study


Look what happens if you help people instead of insisting that they “help themselves.” They actually manage to help themselves!

'participants with mental illness, addictions thrive after being given apartments '  needs a comma or some thing in there. 


So my corset is 95%  closed already and I still feel like my waist isn’t small enough. This is a bummer. #corset #waisttraining #smallwaist #tightlacing #underbustcorset #longlinecorset #WHEREARETHECORSETCOPS

looks like you have the tendancy for natural squish, may be time for custom made with some mean curvy waist reduction drafted in? your hips and boobs make your waist look  tiny already …..

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